Derbuckla is a world of mainly water, with many islands of various sizes dotted across its surface.

There are very few islands large enough to be continents, however there are several. The largest is Akar, a large, fairly moderate continent. Next, Simbal, and Pangora are situated very close to each other, with a strait running between the two. The smallest continent, Imotep, is a dry, arid desert continent. In addition to these, some island archipelagos are so vast and sprawling that they could be considered Continents in their own rights. These include the Donatel Islands, the Aisland Belt, and the Chzing Archipelago.

Other major areas include the large island of Sal Santidor, as well as the Polar Ice Caps in the north, and the Illusory wastesin the South.

Many other islands throughout the world are full of life and adventure. Because of its unique geological features, the world of Derbuckla is filled with many, many tiny nations, cultures and ideas. In fact, some islands contain entirely different races! On the other hand, often huge collections of islands will fall under the control of one empire. But because of the need for ships in order to travel, there are many unexplored lands, and areas can be captured without a single battle, by simply avoiding an enemies ships altogether!


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