Timeline of Important Events

Timeline of Important Events in the world:

17432: The world is fairly stable. Power is divided somewhat evenly between a variety of groups, most content to merely attend to their own wishes.

At the center of the known world is a cluster of various kingdoms. The most populated nation is that of Irlan, a bustling, massive city run by a vague system not seen in the rest of the world. It has members from almost every conceivable race, and offers almost any type of employment. Nearby Irlan is the land of Rothan, a kingdom populated mainly by humans. It is run by a council of Knights, serving under the Lord King Patrick. Rothan claims to be protector of the world and fights fiercely for justice and goodness, wherever they perceive it is being threatened. There is a very uneasy relationship between Rothan and Irlan. Alongside the other nations exists the Dragonborn Kingdom of Pirivolous, a city of grand and stunning architecture, as well as excellent discipline and military might. In addition to these, the Theocracy of Priarch also exists, a nation dedicated to a Pantheon of Gods. The Pantheon contains almost all known Gods, but only those considered good and righteous are given worship and praise, the others are used as dire warnings and examples. The final of the clustered nations is the Republic of Circa, a democratically ruled nation populated mainly by Tieflings.

In the middle of all the nations is a massive, superhigh tower, known as the Spire of Civilization or the Tower of High Magic. Most Arcane Practitioners in the civilized lands spend at least some time in the tower, and all the nations give it at least grudging respect.

Surrounding the Cluster of Civilization is an area of forest, plains, grassland, and various other things. Beyond this is a randomly broken up ring of mountain ranges. These mountains are considered by many to be the last boundaries of safety and civilization, as they are populated by the generally lawful Dwarves. There are several roads to the mountains that trade and communication with the Dwarves is conducted along, many also passing through the various isolated Elven cities in the middle of the forests. Otherwise the area between the mountains and the Cluster is fairly lawless, and populated with more savage folk, such as Orcs or the occasional organized band of Goblins or Kobolds.

Little is known about the entire rest of the world that lies outside the mountains, as the people that go into the area beyond rarely return, or do not go very far at all. It is treated with general uneasiness and fear.

Timeline of Important Events

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